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About Us

Trumpray Lighting is all about connecting digital lives with simple solutions to home lighting challenges. We believe that home is a place that should always feel welcoming, and we put that spirit into the design of all of our various products. Through energy efficient bulbs and modern designs, a Trumpray lighting source or smart outlet can bring personalization and character to your home.


As the digital age progresses technologies have jumped forward into the future, including lighting. Each Trumpray light is designed with the future in mind. We live in a technology advanced world, so why shouldn’t our lighting reflect that? There is no need for yellow bulbs of the past in dusty lampshades. We wanted Trumpray lights to be easy to care for and enjoyable to look at. With smoothed lines and rounded domes, there is something for every occasion. With the abilities of Google Home and Amazon Alexa technology, we’ve created lamps and other electronics that can “think” for themselves, providing a seamless experience for lighting your home.


Smart technology inspires us here at Trumpray and we want to make it a part of our lamps to provide you with a custom experience for your needs. Using an app tethered to your lighting source you can change lighting levels in your home and program lamps to turn on when you need them, even when you aren’t at home! We also offer a smart outlet where you can turn on and off anything connected to it through the wifi in your home! The future is in the cloud and at Trumpray we make our products compatible.


With nine years of experience with Trumpray, we have worked hard to bring new ideas to the home lighting market. We are constantly inspired by new technologies and advancement in smart home networks. When we first turned on the first Trumpray lamp, we knew that we would be bringing light to the world. Thank you for choosing our company to bring light to your home.

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