3D Hologram Display Showcase-180º

3D Hologram Display Showcase-180º

Products are mainly used for: new product release and three-dimensional display , such as mobile phones, jewelry, precious metals, antiques, household and company products.

The main occasions used are exhibition halls, stores, chain stores, museums, exhibitions, banks and jewelers.


(1) Great attraction, good effect: strong visual effect, easier to attract customers’eyes, to achieve a memorable effect.

(2) Differential marketing: it helps to upgrade the brand and product grade and realize differential marketing.

(3) Good vision: The image suspended in the air is sometimes close to the eyes, giving people the feeling of reaching out.

(4) The three-dimensional image has a strong stereo sense: sometimes it will bring people’s vision to the distant stars, which are far and near, bright and dark, and unpredictable.

(5) Card circular playback function: convert the holographic video into MP4, MPG format and import it into U disk or SD card, insert it into the machine, and play it circularly or select it remotely.

(6) Network Edition Function: Convert the holographic video into MP4, WMV format, and so on. Publish the program on the machine by the server.

(7) Computer Interactive Edition: Laptop or touch display and holographic devices are combined by software to achieve the interactive display effect of selective exhibits.

3D holographic phantom imaging is an imaging system that suspends three-dimensional images in holographic glass. The holographic phantom imaging system is composed of showcase, 3D display equipment, holographic glass and video source. Based on the principle of holographic refraction imaging, a three-
dimensional 3D model (background must be black) is constructed by software of the product and imported into the display device. Then it is refracted into the holographic glass. The product shows a suspension state in mid-air. Show. It can
also be placed in a holographic glass cover, and a combination of video sources can form a dynamic and static product display. No need for people to wear any polarizing glasses, in the complete absence of restraint, you can enjoy watching the product stereoscopic display effects, giving people a visual impact.

(180 degrees for one-sided viewing, 270 degrees for three-sided viewing and 360

degrees for four-sided viewing)






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