what is 3D hologram fan display

Hologram 3d LED Fan

  • 3D hologram fan display, 3D effect image and video are produced by rotating led fans. It can help shop owners spread and share advertising content efficiently. It is a cost-effective solution to show a holographic effect floating free in the air.
  • 3D Holographic Fan 3D Display Device with Ultra High Density LED Rotational Imaging Visualization. Clear and flexible product image.floating 3d hologram
  • 3D images more eye-catching, to replace the traditional non-advertising content.
  • Support a variety of online, make the playback screen larger and clearer.

Holographic Fan Replace Traditional Holographic Player

Hologram fan This product has many different names:

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Hologram LED Fan ,No matter how you define it, in fact all the logic is the same, through the holographic effect of the rotating product of the LED strip. Convert the video or picture you need into a dot matrix through software, and then rotate all the dots into a visual image, so the effect itself is not comparable to the LCD display. However, due to the difference in brightness and transmission mode, it is divided into a stand-alone version, a network version or even a cloud control version, a normal brightness version and a highlighted version. At present, the most popular and cost-effective version is the 43cm version, because his resolution can reach 640*640P, and supports both stand-alone and wifi control.

Remarks: There are currently 3 ways to update the content of the advertisement:

1. SD card upload

SD card mode: It is easy to understand, that is, the content you want to play is converted into a machine-readable format by the software and stored in the SD card, and then uploaded to the machine for playback. You can set the playback time in the software and The number of times the loop is needed.

2, WiFi Hotspot upload

WiFi hotspot mode: The machine that can use this mode, in the boot state, the machine itself will be equivalent to a router itself will generate WiFi hotspot. When uploading updates, you only need to connect this WiFi hotspot, mobile phone or PC with your mobile phone or PC. The machine can be controlled through our software and applications. Don’t need to connect the machine to the Internet.

3. Cloud control upload.

Internet cloud control method: Machines that can use this mode must connect the machine to the Internet. Access our cloud control service website through mobile phone or computer. After the required machine is bundled with the cloud server, through the remote platform pair The machine controls and updates the content.

Important notification! Please do not attempt to connect the SD card of the Wifi version machine directly to the computer system. The SD card is protected from automatic formatting once it is directly connected to the computer system. The machine will be paralyzed.


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