What is a 3D hologram used for?

What is a 3D hologram used for?


To present products in an innovative way:

3D holograms are a completely new, innovative way of presenting products and impressively displaying their USPs to potential customers three-dimensionally. Unlike conventional forms of presentation, such as product films, customers gain a far more realistic, more detailed impression of the products being displayed. Furthermore, holograms are not only useful for displaying concrete products three-dimensionally, they can also realize visual effects such as fire, rain, fog, or smoke, which other forms of presentation are unable to achieve. Even a conventional diagram becomes a genuine eyecatcher when presented as a 3D hologram.

To create worlds of emotion:

3D holograms make it possible to display products in a fully unique way. For instance, a hologram can be used to create a visually appealing and stylistically perfectly coordinated environment that precisely matches the product.

A backdrop of virtual golden rain is an ideal way of displaying precious jewelry such as watches or colliers; it can cause rain or snow to fall on an all-weather tire, or the sun to shine on it; industrial machines can be created live as if by magic before the very eyes of the audience – the possibilities are endless and there are visualization options to suit every product.

No other technology manages to similarly present the advantages of a product like 3D holograms. Observers feel that they are being directly and emotionally appealed to and the incomparable display draws them to the products being presented.

To explain technically complex concepts in a simple way:

3D holograms are an ideal way of presenting complex material in an illustrative, straightforward manner. In the process, they forge ahead into new, previously unknown dimensions that cannot be generally reached using sketches, drawings, photos, videos, or PowerPoint presentations. They open up completely new options for explaining rather complicated information to potential customers in a simple, easy way. In the end, these are not only a benefit for potential customers, but also constitute an invaluable competitive edge.

To pleasantly surprise customers:

In this day and age, in which we can easily be tempted to believe that we’ve already seen everything, it is invaluable to be able to surprise customers with something new. A 3D hologram helps you do so impressively and leads not only to the product presented being permanently embedded in the customer’s memory, but also the company that makes it. Moreover, the use of holograms means the product is presented as being innovative and in touch with the latest trends. With a 3D hologram, you can exploit the unbelievable element of surprise that this trendsetting technology offers, as it generates attention like no other and impresses your customers in the long term.

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